Let’s be tired together. 

Remember the time when we were young and we cuddled all day (literally all day) and we had no responsibilities except working out how we were going to get credit on our phones to text each other? 
We could lay in bed together till late afternoon, now 11 years down the track we hardly have time for an uninterrupted snuggle? 

Time that we used to spend together is now spent working, feeding, bathing, cooking, negotiating with a toddler that he cannot have that 10th biscuit and then chasing him because he stole a biscuit anyway.

I used to be able to greet you when you came in the door but now I just yell out from the bathroom for a hand getting the kids out of the bath. 

Morning comes around and off to work you go,you work so hard and there seems to be more days then dollars, once you’ve finished fixing one thing another thing breaks, we are exhausted from our days, that most nights by the time I finally get time for a shower,when I get out you’ve fallen asleep with the boys on the lounge. 

Steamy shower sessions are replaced with shuffling around each other,quickly washing ourselves, complaining about water temperatures and popping each other’s pimples (how romantic!) 

I am not complaining, in fact this life is my dream life. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else then here with you, giving my all to these little boys.

I know I am busy, you may feel like I don’t have time and that’s because I am needed by them right now, but  I need you and I will need you, I will need you for every step in our life together. 

I’m going to need you to cuddle me as I lay awake because they are no longer climbing into bed with us,

 I will need you to keep me company when they’ve grown up and moved out.

To hold my hand as we watch them get married and then dance with me at the reception,

I will need you to play with our grandkids together and as we grow old to remind me of all our good times just in case I forget.

 I will need you to be there everyday in between most importantly just because I want you there, I’ve always wanted you there.

I love our adventures together, the ones where you take us to pick fruit, the adventures to beautiful forests and rainfalls.


But my favourite of all, is the adventure of this life we have made together.
So let’s be tired together, I’ll sit close to you just so you know that im here, because id rather be here being tired with you than anywhere else.




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