6 toys I cannot wait to get rid of as soon as my kids aren’t looking.

Well today we decided to clean out all the unwanted toys in our house! Yay! We are going to donate as much as we can and throw out the rest.

So it inspired me to write this, for all those toys that we are guilty of buying but cannot wait to get rid of when the time comes.

I can’t stop these toys from coming into my house but I definitely don’t mind evicting them as soon as my crazies aren’t looking.


-That VERY loud toy.

Every parent knows this toy,it’s not just your average loud toy that lights up,no this toy is the really loud one.

This toy is the one that the kids only seem to find as soon as the news headlines are on and always happens to be the one you kick your toe on as you are stealthily commando rolling out of your kids room once you’ve FINALLY put them down to sleep? Yeah that one, that ones the first to go.


– Puzzles.

They are only good to put together once maybe twice, after that, no matter how good you are at cleaning up after your kids or how good they are at looking after their toys you will never find all those pieces again, just accept it and move on.


-Stuffed toys.

Ok so Im a sucker for cute teddy bears! I always keep as many as I can, but they just take up so much room, and they aren’t a easy toy to give away/hand down as what other kid wants a fluffy toy that my kids have slobbered all over then sat on a shelf for 6 months after that? No seriously, any takers?


-Ball pit balls.

The ball pit is only fun to them for 5 minutes then you are picking up these balls for the next 5 years,

No matter how many times you pick them up and put them away its like they multiple while you sleep, because they pop up EVERYWHERE.


-Any type of toy gun.

I honestly don’t think it’s physically possible to play gently with these toys,it always ends up in tears.

I could tell my son a hundred times to not aim it at anyone and before I even finish the sentence someone is crying because they’ve been shot in the eye.

Please don’t buy my kids toy guns!




Do they ever end up on the books that we buy with them? Yeah I didn’t think so.

I have them everywhere in my house, from plug holes to in his little brothers nappy, yeah you read that right, NOT on, IN his brothers nappy.

But let’s be honest, as soon as my kids look up at me with their sweet faces I will buy them whatever they want.



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