Healthy habits

SO, just like everyone else in the world I started the whole “New year, new me” cliche that everyone does.

But instead of running to the closest gym and buying a membership (let’s be honest it’s still on the cards), and going on the strictest diet and becoming cranky and hungry I decided to just include more  healthy eating habits into my routine and not just with what I eat but the way I treat my body.

Here are a 5 healthy habits that I have included in my life, that have made me feel so much better so I wanted to share with you so maybe you could try them too!

1. Green tea- Start your morning with green tea, and sit outside to drink it, without your phone.

2. A fruit smoothie– for morning tea or afternoon tea to help you stop snacking and to fill your tummy till the next meal, even if it’s just an orange juice it makes me feel so fresh. Aldi sell little juice blenders for about $35 dollars and they are literally the best and so easy to wash up.

3. Meditation– ok so I don’t mean the classes, I went to a class not long ago and I literally fell asleep, luckily I took my best friend and she woke me up because I was borderline snoring. But now I find time to meditate at home, for me the best time is at night time in the bath, but it works anytime of the day, I use the app “Headspace” and each night of mediation goes for about 10 minutes and it’s honestly the most relaxing thing I have ever included in my day. I keep my husband on stand by so I don’t fall asleep and drown in the bath so it’s ok!

4. Go and get lost, on purpose. Fill up your car, pack a picnic and just drive, even if it’s just too a park a you’ve never been before, visit a waterfall or a pretty little forest, the adventure will take your mind off your troubles, take your camera!

 5. A big long hug once a day. Or more then once, if you would like. My husband lives by this, every time I’m in a fluster running around cooking dinner, bathing kids and getting cranky at my husband for not doing things I didn’t even ask him to do, he grabs me and holds me and doesn’t let go until I snuggle in and the endorphins kick in. You won’t feel like the cuddle most the time if your flustered, but trust me you will feel so much better after it.

so there’s 5 things to improve your day, go ahead and give it a go!



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